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PT Dunggio Drilling is committed to achieve maximum performance in creating and maintaining safety and healthy working environment throughout its businesses. We continuously focus to improve safety performance and high drilling achievement while taking into account the developing community's expectations, management practice and technology. We bring out the excellence of our machines and services in terms of of timing and quality.


PT Dunggio Drilling possesses great values and proven determination, which are continuously maintain and develop throughout the upcoming future.


PT Dunggio Drilling has achieved rapid growth in recent years, which embraces an internal culture of motivation, commitment, enthusiasm, and reward. Through the years of great effort and hard work, the company now constantly achieves excellence in quality and has become renowned throughout the drilling industry. Our never-ending evolution and development has positioned us to be one of the most recognized and reputable drilling contractor companies in Indonesia.

We would like the opportunity to be of service to you.

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PT Dunggio Drilling


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